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3 Fence Designs That Make Your Home Stand Out


3 Fence Designs To Raise Home Real Estate Values
If you’re thinking about constructing a new fence for your property, there are a few things you should know to help you get started. Before you dive in with your shovel, you will need to check your boundary line.

Your neighbors may not want a rustic, split-rail fence constructed of hand-hewn, black locust wood that has crossed their property line. Check for underground electric lines and plumbing pipes. Inspect the building codes and get a permit if required. When everything is in order, it’s time to select your fence.

1. Security Fence – A back-yard pool is a sure way to raise your property values, and a proper fence is mandatory. A six-foot fence helps to repel intruders. Cedar or pressure-treated wood adds the charm to your backyard landscape while helping to ensure safety measures. Add an extra foot or two of decorative lattice or trellis to further discourage adventurers.

Spaces between pieces can be under two inches, and be sure there are no foot or hand-holds to entice small children to enter an unsupervised play area. Finish the enclosure by attaching a self-closing gate with a child-proof latch.

2. Functional Fence – A functional fence serves to block the wind in stormy locations, mask a busy street view, or keep your beloved pets inside the yard. If your dog is a larger breed that likes to dig, then a happy alternative is to bury six inches of the fence underground, or add hardscaping along the perimeter of the fence. Your pet will thank you for a play area that is safe.

If your fence needs to be low maintenance, select a vinyl-coated, chain-link or aluminum pieces. Wood fences may require routine treatments every two years such as:

  • painting
  • pressure washing

Stone and rock enclosures become more beautiful with age, and they require no maintenance. Planting perennial vines and other trailing herbs in crevices makes the structure appear to be ancient. Creativity completes even the functional fence.

3. Decorative Fence – Take a detailed look at your home before you select a fence design, and match your choice appropriately. A high stockade fence will not enhance a Victorian home; moreover, a rustic split-rail is out of place surrounding a modern home.

Now that you know more about fences, your project becomes less complicated. The professionals that you hire will help ensure that the project is successful. You deserve a beautiful home.

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