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10 Must Have Fall Essentials


Fall is a time to clean out the closet, storing the bright colors of summer and adding the brilliant colors of fall that are as crisp as the air outside. There are a few essentials that will make your closet stand apart this season, some that have a twist on a simple fashion statement.

1. Stripes
Although this might make the eyes crossed at times, a striped shirt is one of the things that should be in the closet. Try to keep the stripes widely spaced when choosing a shirt as smaller stripes can sometimes blend together. This essential goes well with a pair of jeans, a plain skirt or dress pants.

2. Dress Pants
Make sure you have at least two pairs of dress pants. The pants should have an ankle that makes them easy to wear with flats or boots. Brown and black pants are the basic colors to have, but gray is also a color that you might want to include if you don’t want something that’s too dark.

3. White Jeans
The trend of white jeans is coming back, so make sure there is at least one pair in your closet. They are often seen in the spring and summer, but if you pair the jeans with fall colors, they are ideal for the season. Try a sweater for a fun look.

4. Flat Shoes
The days of wearing heels aren’t as many as wearing flat shoes. Some of the shoes that you will see for the fall look like men’s dress shoes. This is the latest style for women, and the shoes will match most pants that you have in the closet.

5. The Sweater Dress
This is another item that seems to be coming back in style. Pair it with a large belt for a fun look, or keep the dress simple with a pair of boots. Keep the dress loose so that it doesn’t hug the body, giving a flowing look that blends well with accessories.

6. Trench Coats
Go outside in the cool air with a classic trench coat. Larger buttons make this look flattering as well as a longer length.

7. Tunics
These will flatter the waist area. There are various styles of tunics that will fit differently on the shoulders, but most of them will flow at the bottom, making them an ideal addition for jeans or shorts.

8. Scarves
Keep plenty of scarves in the closet for fall. Colors of brown, orange and beige are often thought of, but consider other colors that make an outfit stand out. These include blue, green and patterned scarves.

9. The Shirtdress
While this might look like a typical men’s shirt, it’s long enough to be a dress. If you get one that reaches a little longer than the knees, you can add a colorful belt to bring a little pop to the outfit.

10. Jewelry
Small and delicate will be the theme for this fall. Add an elegant pendant necklace to an outfit or a subtle charm bracelet. These will give off just enough glamour to make the outfit stand out.


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