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10 Essential Items Every Office Should Have


Whether you work in an office or have an office at home, there are a few essentials that you should have in order to function as easily as possible. These items can be purchased at most retail and office supply stores.

Work Space
In order to get work done through the day, you need a comfortable place to sit. Get a desk that is large enough to hold all of the tools that you will need without taking up a lot of room. The office chair should be one that has a soft seat and that adjusts so that you are at the proper level to the desk. Consider a chair that has a lumbar support so that your spine is in alignment.

Being Bright
After you have the work space, you need the right amount of lighting. The office doesn’t need to be too dim because you won’t be able to see the work that you need to complete. However, the area shouldn’t be too bright because it could create a glare on the computer screen, making it difficult to see some of the pages that you are working to finish. Natural light is ideal, so you should think about a larger window in the office area.

In order to type, print and complete other tasks, you need to have the right types of electronics. You can get used pieces from companies that might be going out of business or that are updating their offices. However, if you have the funds to spare, it’s best to purchase items, like printers, computers and telephones, new. You will know what you add to the electronics instead of wondering if there is a potential virus or how long the item might last.

Something that has seemed to slowly fall away from the office setting is the filing system. There are still people who use paper and pens and documents that need to be written instead of typed. An office needs a filing system that is easy to navigate. You should label the drawers in a way that is easy for you to understand. Keep plenty of paper in various colors so that you can print any kind of document needed. You also need folders and envelopes to keep the documents together.

The Small Stuff
Some of the smaller items that you can hide inside drawers and containers include paper clips, notepads, pens and pencils. These are items that you don’t think about needing until the time comes to use them.

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